Forgery #6 - Jane Brown 1831 Sampler Kit

Click to enlarge Forgery #6 - Jane Brown 1831 Sampler Kit
Forgery #6 - Jane Brown 1831 Sampler Kit
Forgery #6 - Jane Brown 1831 Sampler Kit
Forgery #6 - Jane Brown 1831 Sampler Kit
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Jane Brown stitched her sampler in 1831. We are fortunate to know a few other details about her. For example: Jane was born August 21, 1814; she died one week short of her 74th birthday on August 14, 1888; and she is buried near her son, William Hunter, in Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland. The alphabets incorporate a variety of stitches including Cross Stitch, Four Sided Stitch, Eyelet, and Rice Stitch. Note how Jane has worked the numbers 1 to 8 in the spaces down the right side of the sampler.

Finished Size: 7 3/4” x 13 5/8”
Fabric: 32count Sandstone Linen

Stitches Used: Cross Stitch, Four Sided, Eyelet, Satin Stitch, Rice Stitch, Double Running, Fern Stitch, and Stem Stitch.


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