Thread Pack for HATS - Esther Blackwood 1853 sampler chart

Click to enlarge Thread Pack for HATS - Esther Blackwood 1853 sampler chart
Thread Pack for HATS - Esther Blackwood 1853 sampler chart
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 Thread Pack with ‘Fibers to Dye For’ - Smooth Operator Hand-Dyed Silk Thread and a conversion key for Hands Across the Sea - Esther Blackwood 1853 sampler chart

Smooth  Operator is a spun silk with an s-twist of 28 t.p.i. and is comparable in weight to one strand of most stranded silks.

The ‘Fibers to Dye For’ line of silk threads are carefully hand dyed to create an antique patina for your reproduction samplers. The natural dyed silks of yesteryear, although considered bright in their day, did not have the vibrant, clear color of today's chemical dyed silks. The mordants used in the traditional dying process (such as iron, copper, or tin) tended to tone down or mute the colors of the silks. The formulas used for the ‘Fibers to Dye For’ silk threads mimics the old colors and the process of hand dyeing adds further charm, giving a slightly  uneven shading as opposed to the strong color differentiation of variegated threads. The  combination of the slight shading and subtle color ways work harmoniously to create the very essence of an antique needlework piece.




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