Jumbo Wonder Clips

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Jumbo Wonder Clips
Jumbo Wonder Clips
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Clip and hold, clip and sew! 
Jumbo Wonder Clips, come in a package of  4 clips with large mouths and flat backs, that close flat on fabric or anything else you’re clipping.
Jumbo Wonder Clips are a great alternative to pins. They have a wide opening (5/8”) for holding multiple layers of fabric that are too thick to pin. They won't damage or distort the fabric.

For hemming, the clips are fast to use, they hold layers flat, and are a breeze to move as you work. The Jumbo Wonder Clips have a 1 1/8” deep throat and the base is marked in 1/4” increments.

For embroidery, if you work in hand and roll your excess work, they are the perfect clip for holding your rolled work in place.
For framing, clip and hold your fabric in place while you lace it over the mat board.
Better than clothes pins to hold craft projects because they are small, light weight and don’t get in the way.

4 Clips per package. Clips are 2 1/4" x 1/2" x 5/8"


Please Note: The prices on this website are in Canadian Dollars. (A bargain if you are using US dollars!)



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