Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial

Click to enlarge Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial
Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial
Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial
Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial
Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial
Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial
Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial
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The Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial offers countless learning opportunities. The Tutorial includes all of the materials (see materials kit listed below) and instructions (through access to the Tutorial Website) needed to complete the project.

A uniquely assigned username and password will be emailed enabling access to the Tutorial Website.  After logging in, you may print a black&white PDF document containing stitch diagrams and instructions for easy reference.  These instructions will direct you to the online lessons found on the Tutorial Website, which contain step-by-step photos and video clips to guide you through the complete project. The Online Tutorial will provide you with a virtual hands-on experience of participating in a needlework class. For those who wish to print some or all of the color photos from the website, downloadable PDFs for all of the lessons in the Tutorial will also be available. There is a Journal on the Tutorial Website, where I will post notes on my inspirations for the design, supplementary historical information related to the project and answer student questions. Submit photos of both your work in progress and finished pieces, and I will post them in the Photograph Album. 

The Tutorial can be done at your own pace. The Tutorial Lessons will be available on the Website for a minimum of two years, and longer if needed. You will be notified well in advance of the Tutorial Lessons being removed from the site, allowing plenty of time to print anything you may need for future reference.
The materials kit will include:

  • Silk fabric
  • 32 count Sage Linen
  • Interfacing
  • ‘Fibers to Dye For’  Smooth Operator Silk Thread
  • ‘Fibers to Dye For’  Rough Charcter Silk Thread
  • Thread wrapped Beads for Drawstrings
  • Coordinating Scissors
  • Four Wooden Spools
  • Six Handcrafted Water Buffalo Horn Thread Winders
  • Four Handcrafted Horn shank Buttons
  • Hedebo stick
  • Wool Rouving
  • Two sizes of Chenille needles
  • Two sizes of Tapestry needles
  • Wool Needlefelt
  • Handmade wooden retractable Pencil
  • Printed templates
  • Paper pages for Notebook
  • Color Photo of the project

*Note: Due to limited supply of the Handcrafted items included in the kits, there are a limited number of kits available. Registration will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


The total tutorial fee is $465.00 + shipping, which includes all the materials needed to complete the Quaker Sewing Bag Online Tutorial, access to the password protected Tutorial Website and printable instructions.

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