Secrets of a Queen II Mystery Story and Sampler Title

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Secrets of a Queen - Of the Second Part is a 17th century-style needlework sampler with a mystery story. Each chapter of the story coincides with the historically symbolic motifs of the sampler. Clues, hidden within both the sampler and the story, will be revealed during the workshop in order to discover the solution to the mystery.

Mary spent a mere seven years as Queen ruling Scotland and almost half of her life as a prisoner in English Castles. Her story continues after ‘Secrets of a Queen - Of the First Part’ with a second needlework project in this workshop.

Was Mary the romantic author of the Casket Letters? Was Mary's goal to arrange the assassination of Elizabeth I and in turn role England? Was Mary a martyr to her religion? Were there secret messages in her needlework? Was Mary's tragic life the result of her own ambitions, bad luck or bad advice from others with their own aspirations? So many unanswered questions went with her as she climbed the stairs to the platform where she was executed for treason in 1587.

This is a stand-alone workshop. It does not have to be done with the Secrets of a Queen - Of the First Part Mystery Story and Sampler Workshop.

Finished Size: 9” x 11 1/4”

Fabric: 32 count Lambswool Linen

There will be an autopsy of several types of sampler stitches.

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