Secrets of a Queen I Mystery Story and Sampler Title

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Secrets of a Queen - Of the First Part is a 17th century-style sweetbag with a mystery story. Each chapter of the story coincides with the historically symbolic motifs of the needlework bag. Clues, hidden within both the sampler and the story, will be revealed during the workshop in order to discover the solution to the mystery.

Mary Queen of Scots is perhaps one of history's most enduringly intriguing monarchs. Her reign as Queen might have been forgotten if it were not for the many mysteries, unsolved secrets, and tragedies that befell her.

Was Mary in love with her secretary, David Riccio who was cruelly murdered? Was Mary involved in the plot to Murder her second husband, Lord Darnley? Was Mary an adulteress in a secret pre-marital affair with the Earl of Bothwell? Was her escape aided by a mere embroidered sweet bag?

This is a stand-alone workshop. It does not have to be done with the Secrets of a Queen - Of the Second Part Mystery Story and Sampler Workshop .

Finished Size: 6 3/4” x 6 1/4” lined sweet bag

Fabric: 40 count Lambswool Linen

There will be an autopsy of several types of sampler stitches such as Tent Stitch, Cross Stitch, Spiders Web, French Knots, Double Running, Buttonhole Bars, Twisted cord, and Tassels.

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