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Ten is an 18th century-style sampler with a mystery story. Each chapter of the story coincides with the symbolic motifs of the sampler. Clues, hidden within both the sampler and the story, will be revealed during the workshop in order to discover the solution to the mystery.

Who knew a Guild's Tenth Anniversary Retreat could turn out so deadly?

Finished size:  9 1/2" x 16"  or 7 1/2" x 13"
Fabric: choice of 32  or 40 count Lambswool Linen

There will be an autopsy of several types of sampler stitches such as Cross, Double Running, Couching, Tent, Detached Buttonhole, Chain, Spiral Trellis, Ceylon, French Knot, LacedHerringbone, Marking cross, Double Backstitch, Queen Stitch, Four Sided, and Eyelet to name a few.

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