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Later the series will have several more projects to choose from:

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 The Queen’s Forehead Cloth Kit

This kit provides you with step by step instructions and wonderful vintage materials to create an Etui to hold pins, needles, thread winders and scissors all under cover of a Forehead Cloth.

 A small, usually embroidered head scarf  in the shape of a right angle triangle was called a Forehead Cloth or Cross Cloth. The Yorkshire Historical Dictionary lists a Cross Cloth as a piece of linen worn across the forehead by women.  An inventory of household items from 1699 lists the following: “some linen close [clothes], a apron, a band, a quoife, a pinner and a cross cloth in a box”. Inventories often list Coifs and Forehead Cloths together.  Surviving examples with matching embroidery designs suggest that Coifs and Forehead Cloths were worn at the same time; however, there are very few portraits illustrating both together.

The size of the Forehead Cloth in this Needlework Etui Kit is 8 1/2 “ x 8 1/2” along the right angle sides of the triangle shape.  The upper Cloth is embroidered with ‘Fibers to Dye For’ Silk threads and Vintage Metal threads. The Forehead Cloth incorporates a selection of other wonderful vintage materials including several Metal Trims, Steel Cut Beads, Silver Paillettes and Foiled Crystals, which are used to further embellish the  Forehead Cloth to be fit for a Queen.

forehead cloth

 The Forehead Etui hinges on the diagonal side, opening to reveal a Butterfly Pin Keep with Black Crystal Head Pins (included in the kit) and a Felt Needle Page. The ‘Inside’ Cloth is embroidered in a similar design with ‘Fibers to Dye For’ Silk threads and incorporates pockets for two Thread Winders and Scissors (included in the kit). The three pockets have magnets worked into the design to secure the Thread Winders and Scissors safely in place.


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forehead cloth forhead cloth

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The Queen's Forehead Cloth
The Queen's Forehead Cloth