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The Winders’ Keeper is a reticule designed to hold silk winders and needles. Historically a reticule is a small drawstring bag decorated with embroidery. The embroidery was inspired by motifs on early samplers from the Quaker schools, including Ackworth in England and Westtown in Pennsylvania. The Online Tutorial will provide complete instructions and materials for the Winders’ Keeper,  eight Silk Winders and the coordinating Pinball.  The Tutorial offers countless learning opportunities, all in one project. You will experience working with three types of silk thread, several stitching techniques and simple hand-work assembly (no sewing machine required). The Winders’ Keepers size is  7 1/2“ in diameter when closed and  11“ across when open. The pinball is  1 3/4“ in diameter.

Detailed photos and a    video will demonstrate  how to use a technique of  finger loop braiding to  make  these lovely  drawstrings     
View of the bottom of the Winders’ Keeper, personalized with the date                                                                               
Another video will teach you this unique braiding/weaving method   to finish the edges of the Winders’ Keeper        
These cute little bobbles make it easy to loosen the drawstrings and open the Winders’ Keeper. Haven’t you always wanted to know how to join two drawstrings in a interesting manner like this?


Your materials kit will include the beautiful crystal bead pins and the Tutorial will enable you to make this fantastic pinball Personalize your project with your initials from the alphabet charts provided Stitch diagrams and photos will make these eyelets a simple task to accomplish Complete cutting and folding instructions will guide you through making these Silk Winders


Step-by-step instructional photos will guide you     through the complete assembly                      
Provided in your materials kit is a piece of hand-dyed wool felt which you will attach following the stitch diagrams and photos for buttonhole stitch

A special insertion stitch is used to create a hinge to attach the cover for      the needlebook portion      of the Winders’ Keeper

Similar in construction to the pinball but smaller in scale, these drawstring end balls are a fun addition to the Winders’ Keeper


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Quaker Winders' Keeper Online Tutorial
Quaker Winders' Keeper Online Tutorial