During Elizabethan times, visual communications through needlework motifs provided messages of values and moral lessons. Representations of the Four Elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth were popular motifs as they believed the World to be composed of 4 basic elements. These were considered to exist within each human being and were the critical energy forces that sustained life. Maintaining a balance between these elements would ensure physical well-being.
The first kit in the series is EARTH!

Earth is a symbol for strength, stability, orderliness,  creativity, dependability and wisdom.

I am pleased to offer the Earth Casket Keepsakes Kit, which will provide you with step by step instructions and the materials to create the two finely detailed needleworkers accoutrements:

The first Keepsake in the Earth Casket Keepsakes Kit  is a Snail Tape Measurer. Each side of the snail incorporates different needlework techniques inspired by 17th century antiques examples. The size is only 2” x 3/4” x 1 1/4" tall.  

Roll your mouse over the image to view the other side.



The second is a pinkeep. What could be more earthy than Obsidian Volcanic Glass Headed Pins which are stored along the outside edge.  A Grasshopper is depicted on one side and a a Caterpillar on the other.   The size is 1 3/4” x 3” x 1/2" thick.   

Roll your mouse over the image to view the other side.



  For more information and details on the Earth Casket Keepsakes Online Tutorial please click HERE.

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