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Welcome to the world of costume design with our new series of sewing tool kits, aptly named 'Ensemble'. These unique and creative kits allow you to craft sewing tools inspired by different parts of a costume ensemble.

Whether you're a seasoned seamstress or just starting your needlework journey, the 'Ensemble' needlework kits offer a delightful and engaging way to enhance your stitching. Designs are pre-printed on fabric, making it very simple to assemble without the need for a sewing machine. Get ready to stitch your own treasures and bring your costume dreams to reality!

Stay tunes for future announcements of additional kits in the Ensemble series including:
Of Corset We Need A Mannequin
Packed and On The Run
Gloves And Fanfare

Each kit contains all the materials and instructions you need to create distinct sewing tools, mirroring key elements of a costume ensemble:


Ensemble #1: Keep It Under Your Bonnet:

Crafted to resemble the elegance and structure of a Bonnet but at a smaller scale, this kit doubles as a drawstring etui to carry your needlework tools. With a needle felt underside on the brim, your needles are ready to use. The kit includes hand-carved bone components that are used to assemble a Tape Measure and a Needle Threader. Personalize the Silhouette Pin Keep with your initials, and enjoy the sweet addition of a Strawberry Emery.



bonnet extras

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Ensemble #2: And An Umbrella To Boot:

This miniature Umbrella keeps your needles secure within custom-designed Needle Envelopes. Slip the Envelopes and Umbrella Needle Threader into the divided sections fashioned from the lines of the umbrella. Taking cues from the timeless allure of a classic Ladies' Boot, the needle book ensures your needles and pins are safe and accessible. The kit includes three lovely hand-carved bone Thread Winders. There is also a Thread Waxer adorned with matching hand-carved bone embellishments, helping you work with tangle-free threads as you sew together buttons to create a miniature Button Basket.

Button basket

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Ensemble #1: Keep It Under Your Bonnet
Ensemble #1: Keep It Under Your Bonnet
Ensemble #2: And An Umbrella To Boot
Ensemble #2: And An Umbrella To Boot