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The first tutorial of the series, Winter Casket Keepsakes Tutorial,  is still available.



I have designed two keepsakes in the shape of bellows to represent keeping the home fires burning over the cold winter months.  Both keepsakes were inspired by antique pieces.  Many little bellows shaped drawstring bags and needlework tools from the seventeenth century survive today.

Antique Bellows 1

Examples of Antique Bellow Shaped Keepsakes


Antique Bellows2



The first Keepsake in the Winter Casket Keepsakes Tutorial  is a little bag which holds a threadwinder. Each side of the bellows incorporates different needlework techniques inspired by 17th century antiques examples. The size is only 2” x 3” not including the drawstring. Roll your mouse over the image to view the other side.



The second tiny Bellow is a pin-needle keep. Removing the Bellows nozzle allows you gain access to your needles and pins are stored along the outside edge.  Winter is depicted in the fire motif on one side and a flaming heart on the other.   Size 1 1/2” x 3”.  Roll your mouse over the image to view the other side.



I am pleased to offer the Winter Casket Keepsakes Tutorial, which will provide you with step by step instructions and the materials to create the two finely detailed needleworkers accoutrements.  For more information and details on the Winter Casket Keepsakes Online Tutorial please click HERE.

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